Faulty Street Lights

With effect from the summer of 2016 the lamps have been changed from sodium to LEDs. These use less than half the electricity, but give a similar intensity of white rather than yellow/orange light. They should also be more reliable. However, if you find that one is not working, please read the following:

There are 14 street lights in Warham, which operate from dusk to dawn. On occasions these become faulty. We have a contract with an electrical contractor to carry out repairs. These are normally undertaken within a very short time, but this will only happen when the problem is reported. Please don’t assume that if you see faulty light, that somebody else has reported it! Take the responsibility yourself and let the Parish Clerk know – then it can be fixed. As repairs are undertaken in the daytime, (when none of the lights are working) we need to know which light is faulty from the list below:

The Street

9001    near entrance to Warham House, pole number 5
9002    outside Church Farm, pole number 9
9003    Opposite Roedene, pole number 12
9004    Opposite phone box, pole number 15

Wighton Road

9005    Outside No 44, junction of The Street, pole number 19

Chapel Street

9006    Outside The Bakery House
9007    Opposite The White House, pole number 60
9008    Opposite junction of Park Road, pole number 63
9013    On corner
9014    On corner

Park Road

9009    outside No 11, pole number 67

Binham Road

9010    Near river bridge, pole number 22
9011    Near No 1, pole number 26
9012    Near No 19, pole number 31




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